About Maxwell

Meet Max, the creator of Maxwell's Mystic Market. Max grew up all throughout the west coast and eventually planted his roots in southern California. He lived in Japan for two years and speaks fluent Japanese which ignited the cultivation of passion for different cultures around the world. After settling in Southern California Max became heavily involved in various spiritual practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, metaphysics and Self-Awareness Meditation. He has a bachelor's degree in film and media and has a side passion for acting and stand up comedy. Max has always loved the healing properties naturally given to us by Mother Earth and had the brilliant idea for Palo Santo matches while combining a long-life dream of running his own business. Since the day that dream sparked into existence (April 2017) Max has tirelessly worked to make that dream come true. One of his main visions was creating an innovative, spiritual marketplace that does not sacrifice quality for profit. Alongside that is his mission to give back more than is taken in this life and on this Earth. Together with his wife JoHana, Max has created a business that supports only ethical Palo Santo growers. The supplier whom Max finally selected has a passion project of planting young Palo Santo trees and cares for each one individually. This specific supplier in Peru allows his trees to fall naturally in their own time then allows them lay in that spot for 5-10 years before harvesting. It is extremely important to Max, as well as the supplier, that for as many trees are used, just as many are being replanted. When not hand crafting these Palo Santo Matches, Max can be found creating, writing and playing music. He loves stand up comedy and tries to perform regularly (he is a natural and total goofball). He and his wife currently still live in southern California where they can be found having fun in the sun with their two dogs Emma and Otter. Peace, love and blessings.