Certified Ethical Palo Santo Harvesting

At Maxwell's Mystic Market we partner with ethical companies in Peru that are consistently planting new Palo Santo trees. In total we have planted near 5,000 trees and are continuing to plant more! Our companies also harvest Palo Santo as nature intended. Because our wood has been collected from the ground, and not prematurely cut down, we feel content to know that we are supporting ethical companies that are not putting these trees in danger. By supporting them, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best eco-friendly Palo Santo around and that you are helping them continue their passion project of restoring the population of Palo Santo.


Replanting Palo Santo trees

 Replanting palo santo trees


Sadly, there are some Palo Santo suppliers out there who are not harvesting these sacred trees in the traditional ethical manner. Palo Santo trees are to fall down from natural causes and must sit on the jungle floor for 5-10 years. Some have harvested these trees by cutting them down and immediately selling them as palo santo. This is not a sustainable practice and we are proud to support 100% sustainable harvesting