Herbal Sage Bundles

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100% Organically grown and sustainably harvested. 
Each one of our bundles is carefully and intentionally bundled with the freshest herbs to not only cleanse your space, but bring about peace, tranquility, and a variety of different energetic effects. Treat your senses with our fragrant and amazing Sage Bundles

Love (Rose) - Self-Love and and for others, emotional balance, spirituality, connection, and self-esteem.

Elation (Yellow Sinuata)  - Memory, success, upliftment, vibrance, and optimism. 

Lavender - clear away the negative and draw in uplifting growth with a delightful combination of White Sage and calming lavender

Emotional Healing (Yerba Santa) - Emotionally grounding and revealing, Earthy, Spiritual Clarity, Connection with nature and enhancing intuition